Weight Watchers

Wellness That Works

Weight Watchers local chapter (recently re-branded as “Wellness That Works”) started meeting January 2019 at St. Paul’s Church. WW focuses on the WHOLE PERSON, including helping you to form healthier eating habits, move your body more and shift your mindset to support a healthier and happier you! Workshops will be held in St. Paul’s library each Tuesday evening – doors open at 6:00 pm and the program begins at 6:45 pm. Lynn Rigle Pfeil, a Weight Watcher’s coach for the past 12 years, is leading the group. Everyone is welcome, whether you want to lose weight or just develop a healthier mindset and lifestyle!

Weight Watchers is a fun, spirited group, moving from a previous location in Millersville and ready to welcome new members at St. Paul’s. You can find further information on their websites at: https://www.wwph1.com/ and https://weightwatchers.com, but all you really need to do is just come to a meeting and they will provide all the information you need. Weight Watchers hopes to see you there!