St. Paul’s Fellowship

2021 Annual Schedule of Events
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The SPF team is dedicated to providing organized fellowship activities both inside and outside physical church building. The primary goal is to strengthen relationships within the St. Paul's family and support one another in Christian love, beyond our usual Sunday morning gatherings. These activities will also be great opportunities to include family and friends who might be reluctant to participate in traditional "church" services/programs.

Current team members include chairperson Julie Minnick, Jan Cavallero, Herb & Linda Graham, John Hostetter, Lois Lenhart, Doris Perry, and Doug Warner . We are always open to new members and new ideas, so keep your eye on the bulletin for our next meeting date and feel free to join us!

Our 2021 Schedule is currently being developed and will be posted here when ready!

Easter Morning
Breakfast Gathering
Prize Bingo
& Ice Cream Party
Music Sunday
Sat Mar 14 Sun Apr 12 Sat May 16 Sun Jun 14
6:30pm in Fellowship Hall Fellowship Hall 6:30pm in Fellowship Hall Fellowship Hall
Breakfast at
Oregon Dairy
Ice Cream &
Mini-Golf at Scoops
Musical Comedy
Dinner Theater
Sat Jul 18 Fri Sep 25 Sat Oct 24
9am 6:30pm 5:00pm in Fellowship Hall

Everyone is invited to come out and join in the fun and fellowship!
Please enter Fellowship Hall through the double doors in the back of St. Paul’s Church building
at 100 West Main Street, Mountville, PA (across the street from Hollinger’s).